Old Town Farmers' Market
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In Season Bistro/Catering

In Season Bistro

Real Ingredients. Great Food.

Available Sunday, 3-4-18 at OTFM@Distillery 244

In Season Bistro is an unassuming pop-up eatery, designed to help financially support Old Town Farmers’ Market and reveal the simplicity of making and eating delicious, real food. Working with the Market’s Chef, Gerard Rodriguez, a well-known fixture in Wichita's culinary community, we publish new hyper seasonal menus weekly highlighting the freshest harvests and best artisan foods available. 

There is no doubt that the area’s finest in sustainably grown produce and responsibly farm-raised beef, pork, poultry can be found at Old Town Farmers’ Market. Sourcing from Market producers and Kansas farms, then filling ingredient gaps with Certified Organic options, our desire is to accelerate the sales of Market producers and highlight the quality and importance of food ingredients grown, raised and sold in the state.