Old Town Farmers' Market
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Environmental Plan

We are taking steps to reduce our environmental impact..

Environmental Plan

OTFM is taking steps to reduce our environmental impact. We are always improving strategies and processes that result in continuous refinement of the plan and reduction of the Market’s footprint. This is evident in elements such as our paperless vendor application and operations management processes, collection and distribution of items for repurposing by Market vendors, and efforts to minimize waste at the Market.


1. Bins are placed at specific vendor booths at OTFM to collect items to be re-purposed by these vendors.

Items welcomed:

2. Sale of reusable mesh produce bags (sold for $1.00 at the Information Booth.)

3. Encourage shoppers to bring reusable bags or participate in Boomerang Bags (At this time, we are not banning plastic bags at OTFM.)

4. Compost collection for on-site food waste.

5. Use of reusable or biodegradable tableware by In Season Bistro.

6. Collection of used egg cartons by egg vendors for reuse. These vendors include: Muddy Boots, Orie's Farm Fresh, and Serenity Farm

7. Additional Market promotion of vendors who accept empty jar returns for recycling.

8. Promotion of  re-usable bottles for water. The sale of bottled water is not permitted. 

9. Bring your own mug for a free cup of joe. (Compostable, eco-conscious cups cost $1)

10. In Season Bistro uses fresh, local and organic foods with an emphasis on items purchased directly from producers at the Market.

11. Subsidized Community Booth space available for local, eco-conscious non-profits and civic organizations to showcase their work. For example: Kansas Native Plant Society, Bike Walk Wichita, Jessica Balu Science/Art, Boomerang Bags and others. 

12. Encourage shoppers to ride their bike to the Market instead of driving. Bike Walk Wichita will be on site on a regular basis to offer bike servicing.

13. Partner with Jessica Balu Sci/Art for monthly eco-friendly science activity aimed at families with school-age children.

14.  Priority is given to produce and meat/poultry products grown/raised using environmentally responsible, healthful and humane methods.

15. Priority is given to vendors who utilize sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

16. Welcome vendors who use re-purposed items or who create reusable items.

Wichitans are drawn to OTFM not only for the fun, historic atmosphere and great food choices, but because of the growing number of producers that have adopted sound practices that regenerate, rather than deplete, the environment.