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August 12 Market-to-Table Culinary Experience at 9 am

The OTFM Market-to-Table Culinary Experience is back this week with a special treat.

Our guest chef is 11 year old Kennedy Williamson, a 2016 contestant on Chopped Junior!

This event is sponsored by the Health and Wellness Coalition of Wichita.

August 12 Menu:

Zucchini Pizza Boats, Grilled Melon Kabobs, and Simple Apple Cinnamon Snack

The idea that cooking with real ingredients is too time consuming and too expensive is a myth. At OTFM we are mythbusters! Our food is often less expensive than what you find at the grocery store. The fruits and vegetables are typically harvested within a day or two of coming to Market and by shopping at OTFM, we spend our food dollars in our own community. This is an investment in the Wichita economy and in food security for the future.

The Market-to-Table Culinary Experience demonstrates how to use real ingredients to create mouth- watering, simple and cost effective meals at home. This week, Krista of Eat REAL America will be joined by 11 year old Kennedy Williamson. Kennedy was a contestant on Season 2 of Chopped Junior. You may remember her from Episode 10: "The Big Stink." We interviewed Kennedy about her interest in cooking and her experience on Chopped Junior. Read her reflections below:

Where did your passion for cooking come from?

My passion for cooking came from many years of helping my Grandma and my Mom in the kitchen.  I was always very interested in helping out with the baking and cooking and also loved to enjoy tasting our creations.

When did you first start cooking?

I first started cooking when I was 3 or 4 helping my Grandma make her homemade pies.  I also enjoyed making my birthday classroom treats when I was little.

What is your favorite dish to make?

My favorite savory dish that I enjoy making is homemade chicken and noodles.  I love making my noodles from scratch.  My favorite sweet dish to make is macaroons.

What do you want to do when you grow up?

When I grow up I want to first get my business degree and then attend a culinary school.  I would love to own my own bakery.

What was your experience like on Chopped Junior?

Chopped Junior was amazing!!!  The entire process took about 5 months.  I sent in my application and was interviewed through Skype many times by the producers.  After 2 months, I was told I made it!  From then on, I was practicing mystery baskets with every strange ingredient imaginable.  A few months later, it was time to fly to New York and compete.  The Chopped Junior kitchen was awesome!  Although I was very nervous, I had a lot of fun.  All of the Chopped Junior staff and other competitors were so nice and made me feel welcome.  I still stay in touch with the kids that were on our episode.  There were 5,200 applicants and only 52 were accepted.  My episode was in Season 2 and it's called The Big Stink.  What a dream come true!!

Do you have any thoughts on locally produced food?

I think locally produced food is a great way to bring our community together and support our local farmers.  I think it's better to buy your produce and meat locally because not only are you helping your neighbors you are also getting fresh food.

Regain your health. Reconnect with your family. Join us in the real food revolution!