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We recently interviewed Julia Webb at Harmony Coffee Roasters and asked, why coffee?

In pursuit of the perfect coffee

What makes your coffees special?

Small batch. I’m a small batch roaster. I roast two pounds at a time, on my farm in Cheney KS. Small batches allow me to find the 'sweet spot' for each variety of bean and to customize orders. Proper roasting is key to realizing the bean’s potential. We roast several varieties of high-quality beans, all of which come from trusted, purpose-driven, exceptional farms and importers engaged in sustainable business practices such as, Organic, Fair Trade, Wild-Grown, Rainforest Alliance and so on.

Why coffee?

In high school I used coffee as a drug to help me stay awake. That’s where I developed my love of coffee. I went to Colorado State University where I studied chemistry, biology and water quality. I knew that I didn’t want to be a slave to cafe hours and I do love coffee, so I thought, why not start a small batch, specialty coffee roasting company!? It’s the perfect fit! I can utilize my knowledge in biology, chemistry, water quality and business and work with something I love!

We understand this is year one, but what are your future dreams or plans for Harmony Coffee Roasters?

Coffee is fun! It’s very versatile in that the business of coffee offers so many opportunities for different skill sets. Sales, agriculture, horticulture, chemistry, biology, physics, even thermodynamics, and the list goes on. My hope is to one day be able to offer employment opportunities to people looking for that ‘sweet spot’ in business and place them in their area of interest.