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July 15 Market-to-Table Culinary Experience

Last week we learned some great cooking tips from Chef Bill Crites and enjoyed delicious food prepared with fresh market ingredients.

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Join us this week at 9 am for another culinary experience hosted by Krista of Eat REAL America.

July 15 Menu:

This week's Market-to-Table menu: Thai Basil Beef Skillet, Caprese Grilled Steak, and Tomato and Cantaloupe Salad

July 15 Guest Chef:

This week, Krista of Eat REAL America will be joined by Linda Pechin-Long of Graze the Prairie. Linda and her husband are known for their holistic prairie management practices and for raising amazing grass-fed beef and lamb in the Flint Hills. We visited with Linda about her views on food. Read her responses below:

What is your philosophy on food?

I enjoy cooking in season, and I prefer to use locally-sourced produce to complement our meats, I also love to share home-cooked meals with our friends and family.

Food has a knack for bringing people together, forging bonds and creating conversation. Our kitchen seems to be a natural gathering spot when we have company, and I love that. We eat  REAL FOOD -  in season, and unprocessed. Food should not have ingredients, food should be the ingredient.

We want our food to be raised/grown locally with sustainable practices.  

We like our produce to be fresh and organic, our meats 100% grass fed and eggs and dairy pasture raised, and most of our meals to be homemade.

Where did your culinary passion come from?

My grandmother, she was an incredible cook. Her meals always looked and tasted amazing. It didn't matter if it was  weekday meal or a Sunday meal, she put parsley on the potatoes because food has to look pretty I used to sit on her counter and just watch her cook long before I was finally old enough to "help".

I have been fortunate to work with and learn from some very talented Chefs during my years in the hospitality business, but my passion and inspiration (along with some of my favorite memories) are definitely from my grandmother and the times I spent cooking with her and learning from her.

What benefits do you see in using local ingredients?

Is there a downside?

In addition to smaller carbon footprint, supporting the local economy and creating a connection with the person(s) producing your food. Produce is harvested at its peak for taste and nutrition and in the hands of the consumer in just a couple days, not weeks. You can talk to your grower about their farming practices.

Our meat has traveled less than 150 miles, not the average 1500 miles your grocery store food has traveled. You can ask us questions about humane practices, antibiotic use, grain fed vs grass etc.  Food producers’ practices really matter, your health  depends on it. Know your food, know your producer. Shop local!

What inspires you about the Farm to Table movement?

Exciting! The local food/farm to table movement supports small to mid-size local producers by giving them regular business.

As a consumer, having local products prepared by one of the many the talented Chefs we have in our area is a culinary experience you will not forget.

What is your favorite locally grown vegetable and how do you like to prepare it?

Wow, I don't know. Whatever IS in season is my favorite. Right now it is probably tomatoes;  towards fall I will be looking forward to roasting peppers and to sweet potatoes and root vegetables, then sometime early spring I will impatiently await the first asparagus. My favorite way to prepare vegetables, this one is easy, roasted, usually with just olive oil, salt and pepper.