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June 24 Market-to-Table Culinary Experience

We had a blast with Kid Power last week at the Market-to-Table Culinary Experience! Participants watched Krista and Kid Power make Asian Sloppy Joe's, flavor loaded Zoodles (Zucchini Noodles), and Surprise Veggie Smoothies. We had fun watching the kids and Kid Power experiment with making their own smoothies.  Nothing like some hands-on experience with kids to get them excited about eating their veggies! And, of course, all who took part not only learned how to create the dishes, they got to taste all of the yummy food and left with the recipes!  

Join us this week at 9:00 for another culinary experience

hosted by Krista of Eat REAL America.

June 24 Menu:

This week's Market-to-Table menu consists of: Garlic White Bean Hummus, Kohlrabi Salad and Zucchini Basil Soup. The Market will purchase most of the ingredients from vendors at the Market. Seating is limited to reserve your spot today!

June 24 Guest Chef:

We are so excited for Megan Greenway of Orie's Farm Fresh to join us this week! Orie's Farm Fresh is a family-run urban farm located in Wichita specializing in organically grown produce, garlic, and pastured eggs.  If you haven't tasted any of Megan's culinary creations, you're missing out!  We asked Megan a few questions about her views on food.  Check out her answers below: 

What is your philosophy on food? 

My philosophy on food is to have a wholesome yet balanced approach to eating and preparing food for my family. We eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods that are refined sugar free. I think balance is the key to success though, so we still partake in the occasional treat. 

Where did your culinary passion come from?

I've long enjoyed cooking and eating healthy, but after my son was old enough to eat solid food, it took that passion to a new level. I strive to offer him (and us) a wide variety of whole, mostly unprocessed foods, with a heavy focus on fruits and vegetables. We love trying new things and find eating seasonally & as much as we can from the farm really fun. 

What benefits do you see in using local ingredients?

Local ingredients are fresher. They were likely harvested a day or two prior to being for saw. Also, it's a rewarding feeling to know our hard earned dollars are being put right back into our community and helping other small-scale growers and producers. There's potential to build relationships with the people that make our food and we find that extremely beneficial to everyone involved.  Using local ingredients also lends itself well to eating in season and food always tastes better in season.

What inspires you about the local food and/or Farm to Table movement?

I'm inspired by how excited people can get about knowing their food comes from someone in the same community. This excitement only seems to be gaining momentum and as an urban farmer, this inspires us to keep growing, to keep improving our business. People love coming together over food and it's really satisfying to be contributing to that. 

What is your favorite in-season Market vegetable and how do you like to prepare it?

That's a tough one – I am super excited about zucchini being back in season. We often spiralize it into noodles and serve them as we would pasta. Zucchini is also great shredded into pancakes or oatmeal to help increase our vegetable intake. Baked zucchini fries are delicious, adding it into stir-fries is good, we even freeze raw zucchini to add to smoothies. I could go on, but that seems like a good place to stop.

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